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                Informa Exhibitions is part of the Global Exhibitions Division of Informa PLC

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                The 20th China (Guangzhou) International Food Exhibition and Import Food Exhibition 2020

                3-5 June 2020

                China Import & Export Fair Complex

                The 20th China (Guangzhou) International Food Exhibition & Import Food Exhibition 2020

                China (Guangzhou) International Food Exhibition & Import Food Exhibition (IFE China) is one of the Informa trade events under Informa GE Asia’s portfolio. The 20th edition will be held on 3-5 June in Guangzhou, an industrial base and import and export hub for food business. With years of accumulation, IFE China becomes a leading B2B platform covering the whole value chain of food industry. The event presents extensive opportunities to all participants to get in touch with prospective business partners in China. It is a must-attend platform for overseas food companies to enter the China market.

                Featured Sectors
                Featured Exhibitors & Brands
                • Testimonials

                  “Guangzhou International Edible Oil Grains Exhibition is one of the biggest events in the industry. It is an ideal platform for edible oil and grains enterprises to expand sales market and build up their brands.” ——Wang Ruiyua, president of Chin

                  Wang Ruiyua, president of Chinese Cereals and Oils Association Grease Branch
                • Testimonials

                  “We’ve participated in IFE China with our association members for several years. The buyers are very professional. We made many contacts with large processing manufactures, and we will recommend this show to more members.” ——Xiong Gong, Guangdo

                  Xiong Gong, Guangdong Food and Packaging Machinery Industry Association
                • Testimonials

                  “This is our third year exhibiting with Czech companies at IFE China. We will continue to support the show and hope to introduce more and more Czech companies and high-quality products to China market.” ——Ales Cervinka, Head of Czech Trade Promo

                  Ales Cervinka, Head of Czech Trade Promotiaon Agency in China
                • Testimonials

                  “IFE China is a very influential event in the industry. We made many contacts with dealers and agents onsite. IFE China is very successful and we are satisfied with the outcome.” ——Si baogang, marketing director of Jinri Jinsheng (Beijing) Inter

                  Si baogang, marketing director of Jinri Jinsheng (Beijing) International Food Co.,Ltd.
                • Testimonials

                  “This is our third year exhibiting at IFE China. The event is very successful. We made several orders onsite including with some famous hotel buyers. IFE China has effectively increase our brand influence.”——Wu Yu, regional manager of Qinghai Ju

                  Wu Yu, regional manager of Qinghai Juneng Jingdu Beverage Co.,Ltd.
                • Testimonials

                  “Many buyers have shown great interests in our innovative products and we gained a lot of attention. We received many useful advices from them and found some potential business partners during the show.” ——WANG Sijia, founder of Smeal

                  WANG Sijia, founder of Smeal
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                3-5 June 2020
                China Import and Export Fair Complex

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